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The Paramatma Issue

If it is a proven fact that in the Upanishads, the use of the term superSoul means the atma, so that in an equation form, this below is true, then it has to be accepted as such, provided the proof is there.

Here is the equation:

superSoul = atma only

none-eating bird = atma

eating birth = intellect (of the same atma)

Now again if it is proven that the writer of that part of Upanishads where the two birds are explained, meant the eating bird to be the intellect (buddhi) and the none-eating bird to be the coreSelf (atma), then provided that is true, there is no argument.

If, however, Shankara did not give such proofs but he simply stated that as his view of the bird analogy, then we can accept that as his individual interpretation of it. This does not help us if the writer of the particular Upanishad had a different meaning for the analogy. Did anyone check to see what meanings were given in the text besides what Shankara’s commentary said. If the writer left us hanging, then we can argue about it forever and we will still not get contact with the original meaning, except by guessing about it.

I agree that these words must be used in context so that whatever the particular writer meant is understood and used with his meanings when reading his text. If one switches to another writer, one has to switch to that person’s meaning.

Now there is another issue, which is if there is a superSoul as an expansion out of Vishnu or Krishna. Is someone thinks that is bullshit, and the only superSoul is the atma itself. then when one speaks, people should realize that one uses the term superSoul to mean soul only and no Vishnu expansion is indicated.

In my literature, I rarely use the term superSoul. In fact, in relation to my subtle experiences, I do not use the term. However, when translating, I used the term if it was in the original or if it was indicated in the original. This means that I follow the meaning of the original Sanskrit.

Do I think or believe or have evidence of a superSoul as an atma (coreSelf)?

I do not have such evidence. But Krishna used the term superSoul once only in Bhagavad Gita to indicate the presiding governing self in a psyche. That was his usage.

Do I think or believe or have evidence of a superSoul as a paramatma who is distinct from an atma?

I have such evidence but it cannot be shared just like that, because the level of vibration of the superSoul in my experience is so much higher than that of the atma, that the atma cannot perceive him.

Just as an AM radio cannot pick up FM signals, and just as the AM has no way to collect such energy, so the atma (coreSelf) cannot relate to the paramatma. In Srimad Bhagavatam there is what is termed as paramatma tattva or paramatma value or existential type. A person in that category is not an atma. The atma would have to be super energized to perceive the paramatma type entities. In my experience there are similarities between the atmas and paramatmas but the differences are so vast that I feel it is misleading to state or to think that they are equal. The most I cannot attest to is that there have some similarities.

For example, read the story of the Brahma deity suspending the existence of some cowherd boys. To me that is Paramatma tattva activity which others cannot repeat. Imagine someone suspending your existence for a year and then I come to you and say that this god is your equal and that you are like him or will be like him in a few more births. How would you rate the explanation.

Suppose I tell you that all Americans have a democratic government and have equal voting rights. Does that mean that they are all equal? You tell me. And are there such difference, that for me to say they are equal or that they are one (thing or whatever), would be misleading.

In this matter and in others, if you have a different opinion or experience, then state it. And also, be prepared to agree to disagree on the topic. This is not a cult with an absolute teacher representing an absolute lineage of teachers. Hence, we can continue spiritual practice, share how we are progressing, be aware of each other’s ideas and carry on.

Your experience is your reference. That is respected.

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