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Spiritualist Uncomfortable Hereafter

A person who built a holy place, and who was a sannyasi guru in his past life, spoke to me today, April 10, 2024. He said this.

I am dissatisfied with my life on the astral side. It is not as expected. First of all, after death I did not attain the spiritual world described and assured by my guru. None of that happened. Once I got free from the last physical body which was sick and damaged for many years just before it died, it was one astral scene after the other.

It is interesting that my guru rarely, if ever, discussed that any of his followers would be on the astral side. For him it was just physical existence and then total spiritual existence with our deity. But for me, that did not happen.

Now, to the contrary, I find myself wishing to be a physical child again. I feel a high value in desire for physical existence as if it is the place where one would achieve accomplishments. I again long to be physical, to enter the history of the world, to play a part in it.

The spiritual world advertised by our guru must be there somewhere but I did not attain it. The only evidence I have is that of the physical side, where I no longer have a direct part to play, and this astral side which is shifty and inconstant.

What to do about it? Even to take the next physical body is an enigma? What is the process of doing that? In what way should one act here so that one can be a woman’s infant again?

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