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Sexual Complications Now and Then

A lady to whom I was related in the present life, but who is deceased for some years now, came on the astral side to discuss the matter of sexual loyalty between human beings. She is of the opinion that it is near impossible for anyone to be sexually loyal to another person as that is defined in the physical world by people who tout religion and morality.

I questioned her for evidence about her changed views. When she was alive on the physical side, she was one of the persons who staunchly believed in religion and in its use to keep human beings in a moral conduct as defined in her religion.

I said this to her.

“What you are saying now makes no sense when it is taken in reference to your ideas of morality when you used your last body. Then you believed in one man with one woman who were married before sexual familiarity. You took a vow to never part until death from your lawfully married spouse. Now you suggest something else. Please elaborate.”

She replied with this.

“The problem is reincarnation, as well as the existence of the astral world. When I was the last body which died, I did not research reincarnation. The big mistake then was the lack of focus on the dream world existence. I felt before that the dream world was of no consequence. Now I know that it is meaningful because after being deprived of physical access through the physical body, one is left with the dream world. At least that is my experience of the hereafter so far.

“I was religious and did follow the system of faith which I was conditioned to since the birth of my physical body, but I had dreams and minimized those experiences. I dismissed them. That was the mistake.

“In dreams, I had sexual encounters with men besides my husband. Even though it never happened on the physical side, it happened in dreams, but I did not rate it as having the same value as the physical experience. There were times, when it seemed that a dream experience was simultaneously a physical one. I experienced two occurrences simultaneously, that of dream love-making and that of a physical love-making.

“In such experiences there was no physical evidence of any love act with any other man but still to me, it felt that my physical self experienced a love act. When considered now, that seems to be a state of disloyalty. But then again, I had little or no control over those experiences. Those were overpowering incidences.

“How is morality to be defined. Was my husband experiencing sexual encounters with other women?

“There is another type of experience which puts to question the entire situation of morality, which is when one has an experience of being in the psychic, mental or emotional feelings of another person, who is in a sexual act with someone else, to whom one is sexually attracted.

“This did not happen frequently but it did occur. I can remember that there was a man who was married to a relative of mine., He used to flirt with women but no one considered it to be offensive. He was a jovial person who made jokes, and would enliven a group of people.

“Once I felt that I was in a dreamy state, where I became the body of his wife, who was my relation. She was there as well. It was as if both of us were the same body. This happened in their bed in the dead of night. They began to make love. I indulged just the same. It was so real as to be physical. What do you make of that? How does morality fit in with that?”

My response was this.

“It is perplexing. During the life of the physical body, a person should be aware of and should note his/her actions which are psychic. That behavior has value. It should be checked and rechecked. Once the physical system is lost, one will be left with psychic incidences only.

“As for morality. When considered as only a physical reference, it is over-rated as you concluded once you died to physical existence, and became only a psychic self.”

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