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Retardative Influence Irresistible

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna divulged that there are three primary influences in the physical existence. He lists them as clarifying, enthusing and retardative energies. These constantly assault a living being to push that person in one direction or the other.

Each of these influences are present in the psyche of an individual. They can be observed. To some extent they can be monitored. For the most part, they are overpowering.

A yogi should self-study to know when one, or a combination of these influences, cause the self to act in a productive or nonproductive manner. He should also study how he is overpowered by a single, or combination of these. For instance, when the physical body is tired, one is overpowered by the retardative force. That causes drowsiness which converts into sleep. To a limited extent, that influence can be thwarted but mostly it must be accepted by the self.

Under certain conditions, when the self is aware of the predominance of the retardative mood, that self cannot adjust it. He/She must endure it. In some situations when a self becomes aware of that lowest of the influences, that person may shift the psyche to be under the clarifying force so that it can act in the interest of the self.

For instance, during sleep, one may awaken in a drowsy condition and become aware that the bladder should be emptied, that one should arise and urinate. However, the retardative influence may be so strong, that even though one is aware of the body’s situation, one cannot arouse that body. One fails to direct it to move to a latrine. The result of this lack of enthusiasm to urinate is that the bladder becomes inflated as urine may keep flowing into it.

This would be an admittance that the self was overpowered by the retardative force and was unable to accept the enthusing power which operates the body to move it to a place where the urine could be discharged.

This happens even to persons who advertise themselves as liberated beings, as spiritually advanced persons. Even they fall under the influence of that retardative mood.

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