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It is easy to find fault in another, but is it as easy to recognize the faults in self? I was told that this is maximum security prison where every thought and action is tracked for an appropriate reaction. The reaction may or may not come in the current life, but rest assured, it is coming unless one finds a way to breach the walls of this prison.

This understanding has led to a deep self-study where the focus is to rid myself of any resentment I have for others. Now, this is indeed lofty aspirations, but I figure that I have all to gain and nothing to lose from this practice.

Oftentimes, the karmic reaction to a current or previous life action leaves one astounded. One may question, why did he shoot me when I accidentally stepped on his toe? Why such a harsh reaction when my current actions do not warrant such?

The conclusion should be that you are responsible for the resentment and your resolve should be humble acceptance. In my opinion, walking away with additional resentment and a deep desire for vengeance only keeps you on that karmic hamster wheel to nowhere. Do yourself the incredible favor and “turn the other cheek”. But you know what they say, ignorance is bliss and the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Currently, I am busy searching my psyche for resentment I logged due to current life misfortune. I found harsh resentment toward the father of this body for not taking up his fatherly duties to my liking. My resolve is that he did the best that he could, and the internal question is, “who says you deserved more than what you received?”. This has helped me release much resentment, but my activities in the subtle body says I have a long way to go.

Like most of us, I have directly or indirectly harmed many, so I am in no position to pass judgment or hold resentment for those who harmed or seek to harm me. I guess this why it is said let he without sin cast the stone. Jai Shri Krishna!

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    • I concur with the thoughtful and consequential writing. And, I  have similarly realized that resentments/grudges actually do me more harm than the persons the energy is beholden against, for their actions. It is a power that I’d rather try to not give others. Their living rent free in my psyche is detrimental to my peace and meditation.

      I don’t necessarily forget, because something can be learned from the experiences. As for forgiveness, I happen to think of that more just as a lip service to would be transgressors, that can help them release the negative energies. So it is a graceful act, in my opinion, that I am normally comfortable giving.

      Although, one may get upset or even angered by others' actions, whenever possible, it is best to relieve the yogi’s psyche, by settling situations as much as and as soon as possible, and as much as necessary. That unburdening will be felt, so your conclusions and decisions, IMHO are astute.

      And, in the case of interactions with individuals who are no longer available for one to communicate with in typical ways, then dispensing in the form of thoughts can be undertaken, all in the aim of protecting meditation.


      • Great comment. I couldn’t agree with you more!

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