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Relationship Puzzle

If after death of the physical body, one will continue existing, then a new set of challenges will be present. If one will de-exist at that point and enter a sublime or blank energy state, where personality will no longer exist, then one does not have to figure it at this time. In that case, everything will be settled, because one will not have to fit into any personality association format.

But if one will find oneself in an environment where personality is a factor, then the experiences in this life, indicate that one will have to fit in somehow somewhere. Will one be a perpetual adult, child, or elderly somebody? How will one be appreciated? What will one do? Whom will one serve? Who will serve one in turn?

In this life, at the start, we experienced ourselves as being subordinate to parents and teachers. We had no choice in the matter. Even some of us, who were born with body status as the son or daughter of wealthy or influential people, had to kowtow to parents and teachers on occasion. That is how this started.

Once we reached the adult stage, it was the physical body which was regarded and not the personality which was expressed through the body. Which stage is preferred? In what place, at what time and with whom will one associate hereafter.

Will one be stuck as someone’s child forever, never growing up to be an adult with no freedom to centralize oneself in a family or business?

What will be the hereafter situation?

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