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Rectum Worn-out

Rectum Worn-out

At the age of seventy-one (71), I report that from the age of sixty (60), the operation of the rectum is greatly hampered because of cell malfunction. If there was a guarantee of operation of the rectum, it was for fifty (50) years only, after which the warranty was void. Nowadays if one can pay for it in one way or the other, one may pay a surgeon to replace it with one from a recently deceased human or perhaps a pig, or even by cell replication by a cell formatting process.

The two functions of the rectum which concern its malfunction are

  • wall lubrication
  • muscular expulsion power
  • wall sensitivity

When either of these malfunctions, the body is unable to evacuate itself unless some method is used to assist the process.

The operation of the muscular cells which are supposed to pressure and push the waste through the anus, is the obvious operation. The wall lubrication is not so easy to figure because in the first place most people have no idea about it. Usually, one understands the application of the downward compressing and pushing power.

If there is no wall lubricant in the rectum, then because the muscles are designed to operate with the assistance of the lubricant, the application of the muscles will not expel the waste.

But there is the aspect of touch sensitivity inside the rectum, where due to that knowledge, messages are sent to the brain when any waste arrived from the colon and passes into the rectum. This sensitivity causes the brain to trigger the need for expulsion. If the sensitivity is lost, the impulse for expulsion will not be triggered, which will result in the waste arriving in the rectum but with no information about the arrival reaching the brain.

That means that no attempt will be made by the person to reach a toilet. The waste will gather in the rectum and become compacted and dehydrated there.

These observations should be done by the yogi as part of the hatha yoga process. He/She should implement methods for daily checking the rectum. One should do whatever is sensible to assist this organ as it becomes more and more unable to carry out the function of evacuation.

Why is this important?

It is because the accumulation of waste in the rectum requires bio-electric power to be used for the maintenance in the body of the waste. The energy used for this will cause a reduction in the energy one has in the subtle body, which will cause a lower state of consciousness both in the waking and sleeping states.

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