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Rebirth Package

If we consider that the psyche is a container of one’s psychological energies, it follows that when one no longer functions as the physical body, the likelihood is that the psychological traits one has, will be forced to leave the physical world, while the subtle aspects of self, involuntarily shift to a psychic plane of existence.

At face value, and if one is excited and happy about the idea of reincarnation, this sounds like a reasonable proposal. But is it?

Yes, he was my friend. He was a good guy. He had one or two bad habits. He was a dope addict. Where is he now? Where are his bad features? Did he leave them behind with the physical body he so dearly knew himself to be?

The package of himself as a transmigrating somebody which left the physical history of the world, does it have the same desirable and undesirable traits?

Who sheds the unwanted aspects of personality when the body dies?

The rebirth package? What is in it? What tendencies continues to the astral lands hereafter, only to be reconfigured in the new infant form all over again?

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