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Psychic Sex Research

An ascetic has a task to do self investigation into the development and dismantling of the physical sex urge. If one begins with the birth of a body, the natural terminal will be its death. But if the research is limited to that, one may not pry into the dismantling of the urge. And that would make for an incomplete investigation.

Using my body, Yogeshwarananda from the astral side of existence, investigated the operation of the sex impulse. He did this because in his last body, there was no sexual involvement with a female. With no experience in that regard, he felt it necessary to study the process. However, with no desire for the enjoying aspect of sex experience, he did not have a strong need to again became a physical being. Thus, he took the opportunity of using my body which is familiar with sexual intercourse because it was not kept in a celibate condition after the teen years.

In his investigation, there were several stages where he formed conclusions. At one point he told me this.

“Sex feelings are activated by the touch sensation. That uses the other senses to gain information and alerts about the availability of the opportunities. To curtail the influence of the touch sensation, the coreSelf would have to disregard its alerts as soon as they are detected. Otherwise, if there is no action to disregard or ignore, there will an increase of the urge where the core is coerced to render its attention which strengthens the urge and makes it an irresistible force.

“As you know, I tested this idea in your psyche. It works most of the time. I cannot say that it works in every arousal because the particular coreSelf does not have full autonomy. There are other factors, such as ancestors who need bodies, and there may be other powerful influences, supernatural powers. Still a yogi must squelch this sexual intercourse tendency as soon as the urge is sensed, so that there are no excessive involvements. Actually, this applies to any other type of sensual activity. Sex is only one type. There are others which also serve to disrupt yoga practice and bury the ascetic under the rubble of so many involvements.”

After this, Yogeshwarananda did some research using some memories from my teen years. He observed how when this body was in infancy and until it was fourteen, it did not have a sexual interest except for a curiosity about the design of the sexual organs. There was no access to nude bodies, except those of animals like dogs, cats, goats, and sheep. The sexual intercourses of these animals had no commanding interest. There was only a slight curiosity if these creatures were seen in coition. No idea of the emotional interplay of the sexual partners was understood.

Then suddenly there was sexual maturity development. This happened because sexual urge in the infant and teenaged body piles up little by little, as if from nothing to something, suddenly. Yogeshwarananda observed how it happened in my body but he was unable to see it clearly in his previous body, because there was no sexual impetus coming from females to him when that previous body was in infancy and teen years.

Apparently if a male is isolated from sexual stimuli, the sexual maturity event does not happen as a pronounced urge.

He checked on the mental point of reference which was present in my psyche when puberty occurred. He found that it swelled whenever the senses were confronted with the sexual forms of a female in the environment. If that was absent nothing happened. There was no interest in sexual proximity to anyone.

When such interest developed, it was found that there was no information in the psyche which indicated the possibility of pregnancy. Even though there were pregnancies in humans and in pet animals who were seen, there was no interpretation of that as being the result of any sexual attraction which would be completed to the point of sexual intercourse.

The insight about it was short length, where the only thing perceived about it, was the short version of first getting the body close to the person whom it was attracted to. Once the distance between my body and the other person, (female) was reduced. physical touching and visual contact were made. Then Nature suggested kissing. Then Nature suggested increased closeness of the bodies. Then sexual arousal became impetuous. Then there was indication of Nature for sexual insertion. None of this had with it the understanding of a potential pregnancy. Nothing about the development and then birth of a baby was perceived.

No link was made to the pregnancies of women and of female animals. This means that the memory from past lives when there was sexual intercourse, was unavailable. The self has no access to it in the infant and teen years. Hence, he/she cannot make informed decisions. Nature did not intent to provide the history of it. The only way the individual could learn about it would be from senior humans who explained it. Unfortunately, that is not a reliable source because many human beings, who are elders, do not have the natural tendency to divulge that insight to their infants and teen children. This is due to Nature’s installation of a privacy tendency in the psyche.

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