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Proper Use of Siddhi

The siddhi’s developed from yoga practice should be reinvested into one’s practice. Consciously using your siddhi’s to pry into another’s business or psyche is a serious offense per my understanding.  I do my best to use whatever little psychic abilities I have developed to enhance my practice and provide guidance to the very few who tap me for spiritual advice. In my mind, I am a little shit as it relates to yoga (less than a spec of dust) and my understanding is mediocre/extremely limited at best. This attitude keeps me in check though it maybe an exaggeration!

Please do not get the bright idea that you will go undetected…one may not be developed enough to sense your actions toward their person, but you can rest assured that you’re being watched. Also, understand that your energy signature is unique to you and will never fail to reveal you.

Lastly, I beg you to rethink things if you are one who seeks to exploit yoga in this way. Your motive for practicing yoga is paramount, so be mindful! Yoga is NOT for exploitation and those who use it for such will be dealt with accordingly! Do shoot yourself in the foot if you insist otherwise!

Word to the wise! Jai Shri Krishna!

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    • Thanks for sharing such critical insight and understanding of a developmental cornerstone of inSelf Yoga practice.

      Jay Shri Yogi Madvacarya!Jay Shri Krishna!



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