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Praying for the Near-Dead or Dead Person

What happens when on the physical side someone tries to impose opposing beliefs on a deceased person?

What does a deceased person feel in the astral when there is an attempt to pray over them when their belief system is not in accordance with what a physical person project? What are the repercussions to the deceased person or to the concerned physical someone who prays for their welfare but who does so through an opposing belief?

Mi~Beloved’s Response:

The mental battle which would ensue between two persons of opposing views about death, would continue in the afterlife just as it would have if one of the persons did not die. The feelings would be the same. The possibility of conversion or of absolute resistance would remain the same. Eventually those persons would feel a relief because of the pressure of time and circumstance.

There is an exception which is that if the deceased person or the physical survivor needs something from the other person, then under the pressure of that need, the needy one may compromise, may yield to the opposing idea.

Because one individual no longer has direct physical ability to act physically, that person will an increase of his/her energy on the psychic side and may have greater impact if the survivor comes under psychic stress as a result. But those who have psychic resistance which is due to strong physical focus, will effectively resist and will not be influenced by the deceased one. Instead, the dead someone will feel as if their efforts are made in vain.

The leverage of the surviving person, the one with the physical body, is that he or she may be in a position to sponsor the rebirth of the deceased one. That could be a direct sponsorship as a parent or an indirect sponsorship as someone who influenced another physical person to become a parent.

Then the deceased person will yield and adopt the beliefs of the survivor who has that power to sponsor rebirth.

One experiences this when one takes birth as the child of someone, where in infancy one is saturated with the influence of the said parent (s). At that time in childhood, one has to comply with the religious environment of that parent (s). For instance, if in a life one passed away while identifying with one religion. If one takes birth in a family of people who profess an opposing belief, one will be conditioned in the opposing faith. That will become one’s religion. Some persons however during the adult years reject the religion they were indoctrinated in and adopt some other belief.

Since getting an embryo is a prior, once one no longer has a body to participate physically, one will inevitably find oneself yielding to a contrary faith or even to a system which is faithless or atheistic.

If for instance a man passed away and left several survivors, like for instance his daughter. If she has contrary beliefs to his, his objection would melt away if she could provide a birth environment for him. Rebirth is such an urgency, that if one has to be someone’s child, one will release oneself from one’s strong opinions to get the body. Such is the power of instinct for being physical.

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