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Nutrition ~ The Central Issue

On close examination, time and again, year after year, in my research into the force of attraction and repulsion, in the sensual quest of the psyche as one experiences it while using a physical body, and even when there is no such form for usage, I concluded that the main attraction is the need for nutrition.

There are and were many proposals with proofs given by many other ascetics and spiritual teachers of renown. Most of them have issued no such conclusion. Why? It all depends on the angle of perception, and the state of mind while doing the investigation into the cause of attraction and repulsion.

Separately, there is the issue of what sponsors the drive. Why it is so compelling? As for the idea of eliminating it, that is mostly fantasy. There is no scope for the limited individual to rid himself/herself of it. Thus, the questions about its shape and compulsion are riddled with dissatisfaction.

Nature manufactured the urge for nutrition but it runs through specific conduits. These passages cause the self to derive incorrect ideas about the objective. From day one, from the time the embryo is pushed from the womb, it finds itself with the urge for nutrition, something it must fulfill to continue living on its own. It was concerned with nutrition while it was in the mother’s body but that concern was met moment by moment, because it was connected to the placenta tubing which channeled the liquid substances it needed.

Once the placenta ceased transporting nutrients, there was a gap in fulfillment which cause the nutrition urge to panic. At first its gasped for air. Soon after it checked for food liquid. Ideally it was transferred to the mother’s breast, where its sucking impulse was activated.

All of this was done from a blind condition by mere sensing through feelings, and its innate ability to judge without seeing. The sense of touch was present, as well as the sense of smell, the sense of hearing and the sense of tasting.

With no developed sight, there is the subtle need for seeing. These energies collectively form and seek out developed sense perception, a range of sensations which are organized and formed into physical vision. With that the entity pursues color which is the hint of form. The attraction to color is the dominant sense in the human body. It is can be misleading where the effort to procure it does not result in the fulfillment of nutrition. Still, it remains the dominant impulse for pursuing nutrients.

Enjoyment is involved in this quest but that is not the issue. Nature misleads one into thinking that enjoyment is the objective but it is not that. It is the need for acquiring nutrients for the convenience of maintaining whatever form one uses.

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