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Necessary Isolation in Yoga

For ideal yoga practice, a major ingredient is isolation. Without that a yogi will find that he/she becomes involved in associations with others, which utilizes time and which causes the focus of the self to be linked to non-yogic affairs.

There are many people who learn something about yoga, especially about meditation. Most of these individuals are not interested in the hard end of the practice which has psychic isolation as a requirement. These superficial yogis do harm to the sincere ones when attempts are made to draw a sincere ascetic into relationships which are not yogic.

Even if a yogi is advanced in practice, even if he/she is commissioned to teach others, still such association with students who are loaded with non-yogic relationships, is harmful to the teaching yogi.

By all means every yogi should curtail non yogic associations. This will protect one and all. We must have the insight to see that every person using a material body, carries a package of desire and relational energies which is harmful to yoga practice, which will stifle and reduce practice.

A yogi should carefully manage his desires and relationships. The students should do so as well. Bringing every friend or relative to the teacher is harmful and risky for the teacher. Instead, those energies should be curtailed and compressed in the nature of the student by the student.

As far as possible desires and need energies in the psyche should be contained, examined, compressed, or eliminated. People have to dig into their psyches, root up unfavorable motivations and tendencies, and make the effort to suppress or eliminate those unwanted psychic features.

Except for an advanced yogi, who is in relative isolation, every entity carries a package of non-yogic, yogically-corrosive energy. Hence the students of yoga should observe relationships and keep them quarantined and restricted. Otherwise, their pollutions will spread to other yogis and even to the advanced teacher.

Every simpleton yogi is a bag of pollution. Unless the bag is kept isolated and is discovered, analyzed cataloged, further packaged, and securely treated, the polluted contents will spread to others, even to a teacher. Every yogi, the advanced and the simpleton, should be on guard to keep polluted associations curtailed, at least until they are eliminated.

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