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Natural Deterioration of the Body

The natural deterioration of the body implies that even with an ardent practice of yoga postures, still there will be conditions which the postures cannot improve and will not affect. One has to live with this. There are changes in diet and actions which aid in easing various pains in the body. But when all is said, and when whatever should be done is instituted, one will be left with certain conditions which simply do not improve.

One example is the suction of used blood upwards from the feet and legs of the body. If for instance the check values in the veins of the feet work with inefficiency, no amount of yoga will change the behavior of leaky valves. These values will progressively deteriorate, just as aged rubber shutters will function just the same unless they are replaced by new valves.

In a plumbing system, this is easily done but, in the body, the surgery for this is complication and is beset with further risks. It is interesting how a yogi assumes a mood of resignation when he/she realizes that nature has the upper hand. It was preset to be out of his favor all along, even in the youth of the body when those valves and other parts worked in an optimum way.

I suggest that to help the body to transport used blood from the feet and legs, the yogi should do a foot-up and hands-up posture in a relaxed way, for at least twenty (20) minutes once per day. A chair should be used for resting the feet and legs. See the diagram.

This posture allows polluted used blood to flow back to the lungs for extraction of carbon dioxide and other unwanted gases. This compensates for the leaky valves, which are experienced as pain and fatigue in the feet and legs. It may be observed as swollen feet and legs.

To meditate while doing this, one may use a blindfold which will keep light from entering the head through the skull. In that way one would benefit in a dual way for the twenty minutes.

If there is extra time, one may do the dead man’s pose for at least ten minutes thereafter. During that time, the subtle body may astral project or one may enter trance like states which are beneficial during meditation.

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