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Lurching Throat Posture

This is the lion pose, singhasana. There are as many poses as they are body configurations in the various species of life. These include species which are extinct and those which are yet to be produced by Nature.

Besides any set of primary poses, there are variations depending on whether these are assumed from a sitting or standing position. There is no set number of poses which limit an individual. In fact, each person should study the effects of posture in his body, and adapt poses, and even be inspired uniquely to assume poses, which he did or did not learn from a teacher.

According to the obstructions which certain poses can remove in the physical and subtle bodies, the yogi should regularly assume poses He should test their value and checking to be sure that they assist in the objective of having a healthy physical body and an energy infused subtle one.

The lion pose tones the throat. It pulls up or lurches everything that is connected to the tongue, even the tubing which connects to the stomach. 

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