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Life Copy Issue

There is much literature about reincarnation, as to relevance. There is so much fascination about it. However, a greater mystery for humankind is the life copy issue. It is something that is before every living individual but something which is repeatedly ignored. It confronts every creature and yet it is not reviewed. It is free for the taking, and yet it is rejected outright. It is ignored.

The life copy issue is the fact that every life form which is produced is coded to perform in a certain way. This does not mean predestination. Rather it means destination, that whatever there is, a certain course is copied within it, for performance.

From the birth of the body, at its eviction or removal from the mother’s form, it is coded to perform in a certain way in response to what occurs in the environment. We have not heard of a single fetus which performed, directed, or caused its removal from its mother’s womb.

Stated precisely, not one single fetus had control over its birth. None maneuvered from being inside of the mother to being outside on its own air consumption. The coding or ordered principle which caused its birth is an unknown power. Not one form appeared as an adult which did not develop so through growth.

In some cases, that order principle failed to deliver as in the case where a surgeon cuts the body of the mother and removes the fetus. But that does not change the fact that the fetus itself did no deliver itself.

After birth, the scene remains the same, where the ordered principle, a biological process, continues to grow and mature the body, making it act in one way or the other, according to the growth process.

During this grown sequence there is a stage where there is a call for companionship. That may or may not result in sexual union with someone of the opposite sex. That in turn may result in a pregnancy. How much of that is controlled by the two entities who formed the partnership?

Even if one is given information about the formation of a pregnancy, even if one is informed of that process, still the process is not controlled by oneself. Yes, one may engage sexually with intention to beget or one may engage with no idea that there may be a pregnancy. But either way, one does not absolutely control the process. The development of the fetus is still a nature process, an ordered development which one may or may not observe. If one observes it, much of the process will be hidden from oneself. Even if one uses scientific instruments which extends one’s knowledge, still then again, the ordered process has many hidden actions which are so covert, that one cannot perceive them and can only be a distant observer.

The realization is that one is a coded reality which was confronted by other segments of other coded realities. To a certain extent, one must perform as a motive, function or driving force of Nature. One is reduced to that. One is a tiny cog in the machinery of Nature.

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