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Liberation is not Likely

Why is liberation or salvation not likely? There are two main reasons. Salvation in this usage means the award of liberation by a deity. Liberation means the achievement of liberation by self-effort mostly.

Either of these is unlikely because there are two factors which constantly work against anyone who wishes for liberation. In either case, if salvation may be awarded or if liberation may be achieved, the likelihood of it is questionable. And yet, every person should aspire for it. Any drowning somebody will try to surface for air. In fact, the last breath is related to the final failed effort to gain a footing on land.

The desire is to live on in a healthy condition. It is more than mere survival. It is survival with health and vigor.

The desire for liberation must be converted into a massive effort to be free from the threat of death and disease. If the effort is made by the person, it is considered to be liberation. If the effort is expended by a deity it is considered to be salvation. In either case there are two impediments which prevent success.

  • feeling that one should be amply rewarded by others for one’s beneficial acts
  • being attracted to Nature’s current and future circumstances which will reward one as its sees fit.

These two forces, the inner one and the environmental factor, frequently override the need for salvation or liberation. Subsequently, one acts in a way to reduce the effort for liberation or salvation.

One is pulled to the future to meet the amply rewards from others whom one assisted in previously. One is eager to be in those favorable circumstances. One is also supported by a buoyancy force of nature which conveys one to future circumstances, where one could be amply rewarded for cooperating with Nature’s schemes.

This attraction to the future is a powerful force, such that it causes one to minimize the need for liberation or salvation. One postpones the urgency. One instinctively avoids its consideration.

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