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Fulfillment or Frustration ~ Yogic Viewpoint

Is there a difference between a human’s fulfillment needs and that of a vegetation. For instance, when a mango drops from its parent-plant, does the seed of it, feel a need to be sprouted. It falls. The pulp is eaten by a mammal. The seed remains on the soil. When there is rain, that seed sprouts. A root emerges and digs into soil.

It needs wet soil to flourish. Suppose there is no rain for months. What happens to it?

It becomes frustrated. It regrets its place. It wishes for an ideal circumstance where it could grow as intended. However, rains do not form. It wilts. It dies.

On the night of April 25, 2024, I has an encounter with some persons with whom I associated in the teen years some fifty-plus years ago. Based on desires to meet persons whom they knew in their teen years, these persons caused my astral body to be with theirs.

One individual was sure to ask me for a private discussion. That was this. She said.

“I never got married. I never found the man of my heart. Life for me was unfulfilling because everything that grew in me wanted that man of my heart. I am sure he exists somewhere but I never met him. What was your history? Did life service your romantic needs?”

I replied with this.

“Even for those whom life seems to service, even they are frustrated in one aspect or the other. In every case there are hidden pains, disappointments, and frustrations. It is as if fulfillment, partial fulfillment, and frustration are of equal standing. These are experiences. In that sense they have equal register as events occurring. There is the dry season, the excessive rains, and the ample weather. Each satisfies or frustrates some creature.”

After I said that, the person turned away. Just prior to that she considered if there was any chance that I may be the man of her heart. In her mind, she discovered again and again that I was not suited.

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