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Fetus Memory Blank

Much of what happened during the formation, continuation, and then end of a body, is filled in the memory record as blank. This is like listening to a memory storage device where certain parts of the recording did not happen because the equipment failed to hold the information during phases of the recording.

This does not mean that there is no other recording of those blank portions. In fact, there may be recordings done by other devices, and there may be recordings on the device used, but in a way which cannot be accessed coherently by the person listening, simply because his mind’s interpreting apparatus cannot convert a particular type of recording, because the mind simply does not have the conversion ability, to make that type of recording into a sensible sound.

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·       Fetus Memory Blank

There are phases of a life where the recording does not occur in the apparatus of the psyche. This means that the person cannot use this information to his benefit nor to his detriment. It is simply not available. In the fetus stage much of the incidences which occurred cannot be accessed. This holds true as well for the sperm development and its uterus journey stage. Its expulsion from the body of the father is lost as well. Even some phases of its elderly years are blank. This is mostly due to brain malfunction, where the recording circuits become damaged and no clear imprints are made.

The fetus memory blank incidences are known either to the body of the father or mother but the infant itself has no access to it. Subsequently he/she cannot use it to understand those states of physical presence. And that is a major source of ignorance which causes the person to pity others who are in that stage, or to ridicule even such persons, as if the observing other person did not endure that state.

If someone could remember the sperm life and the fetus formation stages, this would inspire someone to think seriously about liberation. Otherwise in the quest for understanding the self, this missing information deprives the self of important impetus and motivation to know what it endured. Hence it lacks the impetus for liberation and will not make the full effort for it. In this way Nature successfully keeps that personSelf in its grip for recycling through the birth and death parade.

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