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Family Life Disagreements

A yogi should be careful not to become habituated to disagreements with friends, relatives, and family members. This applies to those who are renunciants and who do not live alone but who reside at religious establishments where maintenance of the residence is shared with other members of the sect.

As far as Nature is concerned there is no difference between family members and sect members who reside together and share in social responsibilities. Under the cover of a religious organization, some ascetics are of the view that their relations are exempt from the laws of Nature but that is not the reality.

Social interactions of every type are rated in the same way by Nature, in the way of tagging one for involvements which one is engaged in. Even the God, Krishna, during his life on earth, as reported in the Srimad Bhagavatam, had to deal with social clashes even within his family who were rated as divine persons incarnated as human beings.

One should avoid being involved with factors and events which cause resentments and disagreements to arise, as these energies will be logged by Nature, so that one will have to resolve them in the same lifetime or in the future. Disagreements and resentments bruise the subtle body. Some cause rashes in it. These damages itch, scratch and irritate the subtle body. Some rupture out like abscesses which squirt pus.

Some yogis can fix these hurts in the subtle body without having to take another embryo or even use the same body, to settle these differences. One must understand that even if one was the victim, the person who was correct in the incidence, still it may bring a bruise on the subtle body which causes a painful feeling.

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