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Existential Dissatisfaction

From day one, from the time of being aware of being an embryo, there is this pressing repetitive need to have Nature confirm to one’s self image and for it to adjust itself as this idea alters according to the time, place, the circumstance.

There are times when one feels satisfied with what Nature presents as oneself but these periods of contentment do not last. What happens is that Nature alters from moment to moment, such that what it presented to oneself as oneself at one time, does not endure. One eventually understands that things changed. The body changed both inside and its exterior appearance. Hence it is a question of acceptance as the changes are made.

This is challenging. It produces a struggle against nature to make it confirm to what one feels is the ideal situation as the bodily form and its internal feelings. Before sexual maturity, there is the quest for that. Then at maturity there is the position of wanting to remain with the optimum youthfulness. When one realizes that Nature did not support it and only degraded it over time, there is the effort to suppresses the development of an aged body.

This pesters one from moment to moment.

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