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Desires Continue Hereafter

Those who feel that desires are done, once someone passes from the body, are mistaken. The desire energy persists no matter what. I was in an astral place with a person who followed a Krishna devotional movement. He was disgraced when found guilty of having sexual relations with a male student who was in his care in a boarding school.

This offending teacher was ostracized from the devotional sect some years ago. However, he maintained his confidence in the religious process of the sect. On the astral planes, he still visited temples and locations where the deity of the sect was worshipped.

At one such place, he was summoned by a sannyasi leader who was also rejected by the devotional sect. The teacher went there for an official ceremony for the assumption of sannyasa, official full renunciation of every obligation besides duties assigned by the religious institution. This is a coveted status for anyone in that society. Someone who is designated as a sannyasi is regarded as an advanced person.

Somehow because I knew these persons years ago, my subtle body was summoned there. After the teacher was awarded the status, he was presented with some clothing which signified his status. He immediately glanced my way to inform me that it was done, he reached the coveted status which he longed for so many years ago. There was no chance of him getting it on the physical side of existence but he achieved it on the astral level.

At that time, I became aware of the fact that somewhere else this new sannyasis had a child one month ago. Then from his energy there was a response which stated, “That does not matter. One who takes sannyasa is not obligated to anyone from the time prior, not even to a wife, not even to a child. I am only obligated to the leader of the sect and to the sect. All previous assignments are null and void.”

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