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Confusing Astral World

There was an astral encounter with a lady whom I knew some years ago. She wanted me to travel with her and another woman to an astral domain, where she would arrange the existence there to her wishes. She was dead set on having several conveniences in the astral place. She planned accordingly. These were some items which she felt to be necessary for a pleasant life hereafter.

  • automobile
  • comfortable residence
  • refrigerator
  • playing children
  • other women who were always congenial
  • free roaming but non-nuisance cows
  • fertile farm land
  • pleasant sunlight
  • smooth highways
  • a husband who never disagreed with her
  • effective medical treatment for all disease

At first when we set out in her automobile, it began on a smooth highway. It was herself, another woman who was her dear friend, and myself. I was in the back seat of the vehicle. I was there as a capable handyman.

First, we stopped at a medical clinic, where she worked. When she went into the place, she went to her supervisor’s area. Her friend and myself sat in a lobby. This is where the situation began to go off-tract.

She came to the lobby and said that her friend and myself should go to a nearby building to be treated medically so that no disease would infect us. We immediately got up and try to find the clinic she described. There however, in that astral place, there was an intuition which informed us that the clinic may not exist and that if we went to it, we would never find it.

At this point we went back to the vehicle on the highway but the highway was no longer there. Instead, there was a dirt road. The lady came out and told us to sit in the vehicle as we did before. We noticed that the road changed but she acted as if everything was the same. She said that we would go to a place which was populated. There she would get a residence where we would stay.

She drove on the dirt road for a time. Then there was a flooded roadway on one side, so that half the road was flooded and half was dry. I wanted to bring that to her attention but I could not. In that astral place, one can say nothing to the contrary to anyone else.

After driving like this with one tire in about ten inches of water and one on dry dirt, we reached the village where her residence was located. The roadway ceased at this point. She stopped and instructed that we should disembark and find the place. It should be noted that there was no engine sound in the car. It was silent with no mechanism for accelerating it. It was driven only by her willpower.

As soon as we exited the vehicle, there was pleasing light in all direction, soft daylight. There was no sun to be seen because the sun was not present in that dimension. Nevertheless, light was spread in all directions. There were houses on lots, with each on specific premises, such that one knew where one property began and another ended.

Some people had cows but these animals were aware of boundaries and did not cross into the property of anyone besides their owners. We entered one house and noticed that there were three children who were left unattended. Even though these were toddlers, they moved about crawling but being aware that they should not leave the room which was assigned to them.

At this place there was an energy which stated that this place was designed to be a hell for some persons who had impractical ideas while living in the physical world. Because their ideas were strongly expressed, and because they did not yield to learn that they were subordinate to Nature, such persons went to such a place after death. At that place some ideas about social arrangements and residential situations were denied. This was to make them understand that Nature is capable of fulfilling only some desires of any entity.

At this place there were dirt roads, instead of asphalt surfaces. There was no concrete paving. People left their infants at home in psychological confinement, while the parents went elsewhere. There were no nannies or substitute parents with these infants, while the parents were absent for many hours during the day.

Vehicles in that world were totally dependent on the willpower and creative energy of the owner, such that people who could not imagine a vehicle did not and could not use one.


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