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Confidential Yoga

Yoga concerns the entire psyche not just the parts of the body which are approved for discussion by the moral precepts of any society. Yoga is personal in the sense that each yogi/yogini is responsible to do self research to investigate the coreSelf and its relationship to the psychic adjuncts, which it is related to, and which it cannot shed because these are attached to the self by a power which is different from and greater than the core.

What can the core do?

It can regulate some aspects of its relationship to its adjuncts. To discover the means for this, meditation is required. This diagram below is the mukhasana posture, the cow face pose. It is vital for females in their bid to understand the purpose and operation of the breasts which are organs which find their best expression as milk ducts for infants. Besides this there is a pleasure feeling which emanates from the breast. There is also an interaction between the breast and the genitals. There is a biological clock which causes the breast to develop and exude milk in reference to the delivery of an infant from the female sexual apparatus.

To understand how this operates, a yogini should study the subtle body to know its distribution circuits and its suction of hormonal aspects in the physical and subtle bodies.

Note the diagram of the physical body in contrast to the image with arrows, which is of the subtle body.

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