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Astral Migration

Are you ready to move to a destination which you are uncertain about?

How many moments, minutes, hours, days, or years would it be before your property will be confiscated and your physical person will be killed, and you will find yourself evicted from physical history? Your direct participation will be removed completely.

Who will greet you in the other country, an astral place?

What property and documents will be carried?

Which residence will you be assigned which may be similar or dissimilar to how you discovered yourself as a conscious being, a baby, in this instance of life which began some time ago?

Will you have a mother?

What about a father?

What about grandparents?

What about an adoption agency to supervise your impoverished situation and award someone as your qualified guardian?

The astral migration?

How will it be?

Currently, in considering my situation of using a seventy-plus physical body, there is only one priority which is to pack my bags, put together my important documents, secure the proper transportation and plan to voluntarily relinquish my physical assets, along with some of my psychological property. I have to close many relationships, scrap many connections, lose much interest in many subjects, come to an agreement with myself to junk many endearing memories.

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