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Another Sky of Consciousness (Chit Akash)

It was reported that there is a Sky of Consciousness (Chit Akash). That is a report about one such transcendence location. At this time, I want to report that there are at three such places. This is based on flash experiences and exposures during meditation.

The first one I was exposed to was filled with a moonlight type energy which was blissful and had a cooling aspect to it. This place is welcoming. It has moonlight crystals in every direction here and there. This is an environment which is desired as soon as one is exposed to it in meditation. It usually is seen through a small opening in the head of the subtle body. The opening is the size of about one inch in diameter. Sometimes the opening is smaller or larger. This opening occurs. Then it closes just as quickly as it opened. The yogi wishes to enter through the opening but that does not occur. It seems that the opening is through a dark cloud through which energy penetrates from the moonlight type energy.

The second one I was exposed to was filled with a sunlight type of energy, which was not as blissful but which had a neutral aspect to it. This place is different to the brahman effulgence. There was no sun as we experience in the physical sky. However, there was sunlight in all directions, very intense but not heating that environment. This appears through a small opening of about less than one inch. There arises a desire to go through the opening but one finds that there is no means of doing so. Just then this opening closes of its own accord. The difference between this place and the brahman effulgence is that when one experiences the effulgence one is subjectively part of the effulgence, while for the sky of consciousness locations, one is outside of those places with contact. In the brahman effulgence there is no objectivity. One is part of that brilliant sunlight radiance like a spark of molten heat in a super-large furnace.

The third one which I was exposed to was filled with a type of nickel-shining light which has a slightly cooling aspect which is not as cool ats the moonlight sky of consciousness. That place has all silvered light, bright shining. It has a desirability aspect to it. An attempt may be made to enter through the opening but then a yogi finds that it is not allowed.

I asked Yogeshwarananda about these lights. He did not give a method of accessing those sky of consciousness places. He said that Atmananda graced him to hold to these lights but the entry into them was not attained. He did not get a method for holding to them. He researched some other matters which were of interest to him at the time.

He gave this explanation.

Just as when people go to a market, they procure only items of interest and nothing else, according to their individual needs and attractions, so each yogi even with the same skill may only experience certain aspects of transcendence. There are some things now which I feel I should have researched before, when I was aggressively using the divine eye. At the time I had other interest. When I got the use of the eye, I only researched those things and did not get insight into the other aspects. That is how it happens.

I was concerned about the inner aspects of the physical and subtle bodies. That was my main focus then. Thus, when my guru helped me to get the use of the divine eye, I applied it to my interest then. Cosmic research is vast. One yogi will check this. Some other yogi will check that. If we share experiences, we can get a broader view of it, otherwise we will be limited to our particular individual interest.

Right now, you should study the in-narrowing and the out-dispersing. As soon as you can use the divine eye, with it being stable and steady, I will benefit too because your interest is different to my interest when I did the research and used the eye. Now I have some interest which are similar to your own. Together we can work on this and master the use in whatever interest you have currently. We can be like two brothers who have similar interest, who go out to find things of interest to show our friends who were unable to go to remote places.

Atmananda assisted me. Where is he now? Who can find him? These great yogins disappear. Now, we can work together. First gather the energy which is in-narrowing but note carefully the out-dispersing. Take note too of how vision becomes possible. Completed pratyahar means no vision. None! Nothing! Total blindness! The yogi sees nothing.

No, not no form!

No, perception! Desire to see is there. Application of vision interest is there. And yet there is no perception. But then suddenly there is perception. How is that? What causes that to happen.

Okay, if we side with the no-form yogis, we can challenge them like this.

You said no form, and then you found yourself formatted to be perceiving form. How is that? What happened? Why again there is form perception or color differentiation and contrast.

We can challenge them to shut up or study that and report scientifically about it. Imagine from a far away star, there is a signal for a split second. Then there is nothing. No signal is sensed by the radio. But then again after ten years, there is that signal again. Why?

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