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Sexuality in Yoga

In yoga practice sexuality should be closely monitored just as diet and some other aspects must be checked. Sexuality is a big factor in the practice of inSelf Yoga™ but not in a fanatical and dogmatic way. Rules about expression, suppression and even the elimination of sexuality are present in most religions and spiritual disciplinary practices, but generally these stimulations become dogmatic.

History has shown however, that the dogma and stimulations repeatedly prove to be impractical. When one considers the factor of physical masturbation and astral sexual activity, the theories about celibacy are absurd beliefs for the most part. This is because what the individual professes may not be recognized by Nature. Whatever moral rules the institution claims to enforce may be broken by overpowering urges.

The sexual urge is such a compelling impulse, that an individual or instruction cannot override it merely by making promises or by stamping rules. For the purpose of inSelf Yoga™ the policy is that sexual restrained must be studied individually. Pledges and rules must be adopted to the individual’s practice but taking Nature’s power into consideration.

Unless it is a limited pledge that is easily maintained, no one should take a vow of absolute celibacy. There are so many ways for Nature to disrupt any such vows, that one would be foolhardy to make one. It is best to deal with sexuality day by day, as to its challenges and as to if one can be exempt from it. As a limited being using physical and psychological equipment manufactured by Nature for its own purposes, it would be silly to make a rash vow.

There is the problem of definition. What does celibacy mean?

  • Is it a physical restraint only?
  • Is it a physical restraint with psychological expression on the psychic side of life?
  • Is there no chance that the individual will be compelled to express sexually?

If there is uncertainty in any such area, the celibacy effort is an effort only. In whatever field an ascetic makes a commitment for absolute total restraint, he will be the ridicule of others if he does not comply. The reality is that when his pledge to whatever principle or practice, was done with little regard for his limited power, that vow will collapse in time.

It is not that Nature only encourages indulgence and does not foster celibacy. Nature does honor total restraint but she does that on occasion only. There are times when she is downright against it, when she works to destroy any notion of the possibility of celibacy. But there are times when she upholds it flawlessly where there is no conversion to sexual relationship within the physical or subtle bodies.

One should note this. One should cherish the experience of celibacy which Nature affords. One should astutely study Nature’s rejection of celibacy and how she disbands it during certain occasions.

A newborn has no sexual arousal. Even if there is an erection in the male infant body, still that is not accompanied with sexual feelings. The concept of sexual movements is not present in the psyche of the newborn. In fact, this lack of sexuality persists continually for some years. That is a celibate condition. One may in meditation reach that infant consciousness which did not have a sexual urge. To get a deeper feeling of it one may contemplate it for a time. One may wish for a change in psyche, where the adult format is replaced by the infant sense of gender.

Even in the elderly years, especially for males, sexual expression is drastically reduced. In time it is reduced to near nil. The whole idea about sexual expression vanishes. One is no longer reminded of it. There are no more arousals. But this is if one is not in an environment which lacks sexual forms and media. And just like when one hides from unwanted scenes, so should the ascetic avoid exposure and the perception of others with sexually suggestive appearance.

Imagine what life would be if the infant condition continued through the whole life of the physical body, where there was no stage at which puberty manifested.  That is an issue. Who would want to live forever in a sexually neutral body? Can one be certain that the adult status of the physical body with its compelling sexual urge is the desired condition of gender? Does anyone aspire for a perpetual condition of existence as a sexually neutral expression of self?

When as the body ages, there is reduction in sexual urge, some persons become anxious that a vital part of the self is being cancelled. I once knew a man who was fearful of old age because he felt that it portended bad luck because it would initiate sex reduction hormones in his body. He dreaded the day when he would not have sexual arousal. He pitied older men who found that at a certain age, they lost virility and could not have erections nor sexual emissions.

One’s existence is not threatened by Nature’s refusal to continue sexual activity in the form of malfunctioning sexual organs which cannot assume a condition for some type of sexual pleasure activity. One’s existence continues regardless of suspension or elimination of sexual capacity. Hence why be dissatisfied if the same Nature which developed and explored sexual indulgence, took steps to reduce and eventually eliminate it.

Is life without sexual activity a dismal reality only? A man I knew once spoke to his nine-year-old son. He probed, “What is the name of your girlfriend?” The son abruptly replied that he had no girlfriend. He was startled by the question and answered as if he had no idea what a girlfriend was nor any view that such a person was required. What about remaining in that state forever? Would that be awful, especially if one has no sexual experience as a reference for pleasure?

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