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Divine Eye Development

Divine eye development is a complex discipline which may take years, if not lives, to be available for usage. I did some research into this, but recently I endeavored under the tutelage of Yogeshwarananda, a person who in his last body would energize some students and even arrest the willpower of some disciples and cause them to have the use of the divine eye.

When questioned about this arresting of the willpower, he did not have an English vocabulary to further define what he meant by willpower. He was restraining the wayward and erratic willpower of some students but it was unclear as how to better define what exactly he arrested in their subtle heads.

After checking and checking, I determined that he arrested the focusing power of the person. One other word which would help is attention, in the sense of when the attention is focused or when there is intention to focus it and it becomes alert.

The other part to this is the object of focus. There may be gathering of the focusing power or positioning it as a beam being directed. But there must also be an object of focus, or no object of focus with the focusing power’s alertness being itself the object of focus.

My report is that when the focusing power is not alert, it is in a relaxed condition where it is either subjected to an influence or it loses self-objectivity. It fades away with the self assuming a blur of consciousness, a lack of definition.

Any of this was arrested by him in students whom he engaged in that way. I determined this by his presence in my psyche, while watching his actions through the sense of identity, which is itself the focusing power in awake subjectivity.

Once when he moved in my subtle head, he ceased movement. Then he meditated with intentions of gathering the chitta subtle energy in my subtle head. His intention was to gather all or part of it and focus into that energy. In some cases, this action produced access to the divine eye but with limited usage according to the intention of the person who had sufficient concentration and gathering control. This ability is then transferred to the student.

It happened in my case, that the chitta energy in the subtle head, resisted his gathering action. It began to compress inwards on itself but then it stopped and compressed no further.

On another occasion when he entered the subtle head, he went to the right back of it. I went to the left front and collected some energy in a narrow oval shape which was like a bullet or mini cylinder. Then for a split second an opening appeared there. It accessed an environment which was all blinding milk-white light. This is a chit akash spiritual zone.

Yogeshwarananda clarified that dimension to be a supernatural perception which was different to his experience with the divine eye. In fact, as we discussed this, we were not sure as to if there was more than one divine eye. His experience was a specific one which he described in his books, like Science of the Soul.

The concept of the divine eye only happening at the third eye chakra is false. It can arise anywhere in any location in the psyche. It does not have to be in a specific place. However, most ascetics of the kriya lineages and the Bhagavad Gita even attest to it being there. This is due to the fact that the center of the eyebrows is itself a third eye which can be used by itself or in conjunction with the intellect which is inside the subtle head.

I report however that there are at least six means of using the divine eye.

  • center of the eyebrows chakra
  • intellect analysis thought producing orb
  • crown chakra penetration energy
  • sense of identity attention powers
  • combination of intellect and center of eyebrows chakra
  • transparency intuition subtle tool

This means that an ascetic should be broad minded in his/her desire to use the divine vision. One should expect any opening or availability of the divine eye. It does not have to be this or that. It can be any of what I listed or it may be something else. If one is hard set with only one method, that attitude may cause more frustration in the effort to attain supernatural or divine perception.

It is likely, that the divine eye may happen spontaneously, when one least expects and irrespective of one’s interest in it. It could occur involuntarily with the person having no control of it, as to when the access begins and ceases. There is sufficient evidence that sensual perception did not form due to any limited person’s willpower or forced desire. It developed through a natural process irrespective of the demand for it by an individual. For instance, who can say that he knew he wanted a somewhat round eyeball, or a pin like eye, as in the case of an insect?

If one did not create any sense of the physical body, how practical is it for one to think that one will produce a divine perception visual access.

It is explained in the history of some ascetics and powerful yogis, that they accessed the divine eye and perceived the moments of the subtle bodies of others, regarding movement into being embryos, then growing as adult bodies, then being disenfranchised from those bodies, then living in a psychic dimension hereafter, then again become embryos somewhere.

The question is. How did that divine eye function? Was it a visual perception which rendered understanding of colors? Was it an accurate intuition where the ascetic instantly knew the whereabouts and motivational energy of someone.

I saw people moving to get rebirth in the astral dimension but in most of the perceptions, such persons were perceived as transparent subtle bodies, where their destinies travelled with them as literal energy. I could absorb their destiny format and know details about their past, present and future. Is this a use of the divine eye?

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