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Cluster Focus / Divine Eye

In the effort to develop the divine eye, Yogeshwarananda mentioned that the pratyahar closing of the senses is to be mastered first. The yogi should spend hours in meditation, struggling to cause the senses to be retired. This will be known, because in meditation, there will be darkness with the visual sense not operating, not being alert, not wanting to be manifested nor expressed. The hearing sense will be active but will only react to inner sounds, especially to naad resonance.

Once this retraction and inner closure is mastered, the yogi should peer forward to be sure that there are no ideas, images and memories occurring in the mind space. If that is the situation, the yogi should peer forward mildly. He/She should check for a speck of light or for a portal to a super-dimension.

If there is only darkness or a blank condition, the yogi should make an effort to remain with it, with no ideas, images or memories. If he/she can be stable in that, the yogi should settle in that and do the long wait. This is a condition of waiting for a portal to open to a super-dimension or the announcement of a deity from a transcendental place.

If after waiting for a time, in many meditations, for say months or years of daily practice, and still not having access to a super-world, the yogi should consult with an advanced teacher about having someone enter the psyche and provide guidance from within it. This is similar to asking a carpenter to enter a house, to observe a defect in it.

Once somehow a guru is invited, and provided he does enter the psyche of the yogi, then he should advice the yogi in what to do to advance further. All depression or disappointment felt by the yogi, should leave the psyche when the guru enters. The teacher may offer a solution.

Yogeshwaranand told me that it is difficult for a yogi to access and use the divine eye. Even if the yogi gets the opportunity there is no guarantee that it will be a permanent faculty. It may occur for a short bit, for seconds only, and then it may not be available.

He suggested that once the dark space is attained, the yogi should peer forward into it, grasp a cluster of that energy, and place the focusing ability in the cluster. If somehow the cluster which is grabbed evades the grip of the yogi, he should grab another cluster as soon as one eludes his grasp. This should be done repeatedly as if to give the mind a repetitive task. Over and over and over again, this should be done, until there is the manifestation of a portal to higher dimensions, or a light from such places, or the appearance of a divine being from those zones.

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