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Persistent Practice

“One may have the greatest guru and still not make advancement, while another student with even a not-so-great guru might excel because of persistent application of techniques.” Kundalinī Hatha Yoga Paradīpikā p.14

In my view, InSelf Yoga is about “persistent application of techniques” when providence affords one the opportunity to practice. Please note that it states “techniques” (plural), therefore, it is not about a particular technique.

I have practiced certain techniques for a period, then it’ll occur to me that I no longer perform a technique asking myself, “why don’t I do that anymore?” In all, prana shows the way, and, for me, the technique(s) became apparent the more I internalized my focus.

The key is consistent practice without expectations. One should approach each practice with this in mind; have no expectations to achieve this or that during the session—just practice and do your best to apply the instructions with internalized your focus.

It is a STRUGGLE in the beginning, and it will feel near impossible, but make the effort. Please note that the “beginning” may last weeks, months, or years! For me, it took approximately 4.5 years to achieve some level of notable proficiency.

Overall, it was a rollercoaster ride, and, at times, it felt like I was getting nowhere, but I often challenged myself to prove this idea that I'm getting nowhere. This served to remind me that I am a student and, as such, my duty is to do what I am told, since I do not know the road ahead! Also, the lifestyle adjustments needed to uplift the self is a must--this deserves a separate post!

It may not take 4.5 years for you--could be less or more-- but the focus should be persistent application without expectations. Lastly, while InSelf Yoga is not a financial enterprise and no monetary fee is required to learn the process, the real fee is your persistent application of techniques! So, pay your fee on-time because the late fee is hefty lol (joke)!

Jai Shri Krishna!  

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