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Dance of Kundalini - 14: Spinal Kundalini (Intro)

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  1. Dance of Kundalini -3: Master Database of All Kundalinis

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All kundalinis listed in the above post are portrayed here with models and videos.


21st October 2021 to 1st November, 2021

Chennai, India

Spinal Kundalini is the first Kundalini to be aroused by the breath infusion practice but there can be exceptions. I did not spend much time in spinal Kundalini.

In 11 days, the Spinal kundalini shifted to Frontal Kundalini, I steered to next mode both consciously and unconsciously. I did hours and hours of practice in 1 session and it went to 2 or more sessions a day. 

Of all the kundalini, the most powerful is Spinal Kundalini. It gives a strong sense of sexual flavor and it feels like a truck hitting the head.

Architecture of Spinal Kundalini:

1. Here are the subtle head components (See picture):

Spinal Kundalini can hit any target in the head


2. Path of Spinal Kundalini is Important:

  1. Frontal and spinal Kundalini difference is the path. Front side is obstructed by intestinal mass and sex kanda.
  2. The pollutants in those area are cleared, then frontal kundalini will be activated
  3. Even in Spinal Kundalini, there are several paths, there is also a middle path.
  4. Based on path, even the kundalini's target in head can change
  5. Kundalini path also reveals the pollutant content and distribution in the body


3. Spinal Kundalini Sounds:

Of all the kundalini's, spinal kundalini is the one that can create enough sound in the subtle body. Other kundalini's are much weaker in comparison. (see picture)

3 distinct sounds are created at different times and locations if keenly observed in Spinal Kundalini:

  1. Sound 1: Mild explosion Sound at the base chakra when Kundalini triggered
  2. Sound 2: Multiple small explosion or drum rolling sound when Kundalini enters the subtle head (cranium)
    1. The subtle air inside the head is compressed as the kundalini rushes up to the head, and it creates multiple pressure or shock waves inside the head which would emit the sound
  3. Sound 3: Explosion sound When Kundalini Hits Buddhi, third eye, Atma, Flash Memory or Crown chakra
    1. When kundalini hits buddhi, it behaves like hitting a wall or an immovable object.
    2. All the kinetic of Kundalini energy is converted into sound, light and bliss energy
    3. The sound and light energy will causes big explosion inside the head emitting shock waves and the body may lose control.


 Animation of Spinal Kundalini:

  1. Switch on the volume when you play the video, sounds are added
  2. See the color changes of buddhi orb when kundalini hits it
  3. Path of Kundalini, after hitting the Buddhi, Kundalini quickly comes back to the base.


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