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Dance of Kundalini - 13: Arms ⇄ Shoulder Kundalini (Padmasana)

This is a sequel to

  1. Dance of Kundalini -3: Master Database of All Kundalinis

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All kundalinis listed in the above post are portrayed here with models and videos.


From November 14, 2021, Chennai, India

Asanas that can trigger this type of Arm Kundalini:

  • Agnisara
  • Variations of Padmasana (Bending down and getting up in Padmasana)
  • Variations of Virasana (Bending down and getting up in Virasana)
  • Mahabandha, Mahavedha

Features of Arm Kundalini:

  1. This is an advanced stage of Frontal Kundalini
  2. It comes as a part of front kundalini and become more frequent
  3. Front Kundalini and Arms Kundalini are precursor to Trunk Kundalini (see below graph, from link)
  4. All nadis and subtle energy are purified in arms and shoulder
  5. The entire arm and shoulder alone will be glowing in golden fame or in white flame colour without any combination
  6. It can go both ways from Arms to Shoulder
    1. Fingers to Shoulder (this is rarest of rare type)
    2. Shoulder to Fingers 


Both animations are pictures are added below.

  • Color:
    • Golden Flame, white fluid or white wind gushing from fingers to shoulder or should er to finger both are comon
  • Texture:
    • As shown in picture, crackle like texture
  • Feeling:
    • Cool bliss or effervescence on skin (like coolness induces when carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola poured on the skin)


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