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Some Car

It begs the question.

Who do these people think they are?

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    • They think they are part of the monarchy in this birth and they are doing their assigned duty. 

      What is the hidden point you are trying to teach us, guruji?

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      • Aniroodh Sivaraman

        They are no longer relevant because the world is no longer based on sailing ships and undiscovered continents and smaller land mass. They should notice that time moved on to where the new frontier is technology and space travel which includes satellite broadcast.

        Who would take some Mongolian seriously if he is related to Genghis Khan and he wants the world to treat him as a king. The world moved on from that where that is no longer the basis for conquest.

        The real royal families now are the Elon Musk, Besos, Zuks and the like. Just holding on to a piece of territory in Brittain and collecting rents from so many apartments does not make one a relevant king.

        These dudes are disgusting like worn out soccer players who still want to be on the field as if they are still in their teens.

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        • Agreed, logical statement and analysis. 

          Brunei, Thailand, Bhutan, Saudi, all these countries still have monarchy and kings. 

          Just like Afghanistan does not want democracy and needs a different governance, same way Brits might still want monarchy along with democracy. 

          That country karma is such that it lets it happen. If not, monarchy would have been ousted like in France or other countries. 

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          • I am over these forms of royalty relevance / reverence. At least Diana who was outcasted was humanitarian and genuine.

            For all these regal fronts upheld by the citizens, through their own financing, the UK royals could contribute to some important goals. Megan, Duchess of Sussex (blah blah) is more like Diana I that sense.

            The American fascination with British royalties though. They left the continent but not the fondness for the royals? Or more like cute as long as not ours?

            Many other royal systems around the world were eradicated. If these are so appreciated, I’d like to see them afford to be engaged in real world social issues more than the pope Francis.



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            • “These people” are the owners of all this (see link below). The history of it all, belonging to one country and one family is unimaginable, especially as it is publicly documented and displayed.  “These people” are definitely powerful over many generations and are known as a collective called The Crown Estate or Monarchy PLC. Consider that ordinary folk are standing in line for 14+ hours to walk past The Queen’s coffin. “These people” are worldly gods.  The following link lists their extensive assets. Who is able to read it in entirety? In case you get fatigued or disgusted, the last one is titled The Royal Lodge. 


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              • Rediculous!

                One of the biggest farces ever.

                What is their existential value?

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              • It may just be an existential possibility for them. It would be hard to break out of it and seek liberation. It’s a celestial manifestation on the earth! People are drawn to it, especially when the figurehead was grandmotherly in presentation. 

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