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Reverse of the Absolute

Reverse of the Absolute

Whatever it is, whatever it was, whatever it will be, this mundane situation is the reverse of the absolute, like an upside-down version of something seen in a fantasy mirror.

The sad part of this is that we live as and in this reverse situation. From here it is near impossible to see to the other version of real, which is the absolute situation from which this emerged.

This reverse reality must be ongoing. Its relaxation or collapse must be based on its own method of living and also on that of the Absolute. Otherwise it would mean that the Absolute collapses from time to time and is then self activated from time to time.

There is a nice argument presented in the Devi Purana (Devi Bhagavatam), where proof is provided to support the claim that Devi, a divine woman, is the Supreme Person. The main evidence given is that she is present as the nidraa energy which is the energy that causes even deities like Brahma, shiva and Vishnu, to repose in a supernatural trance state.

That state is presented as the underlying basis of whatever there is anywhere, as the ultimate substratum.

This reverse reality is the flip of the Absolute, the upturned version.

  • Why do we run away from this?
  • Why are we discontent and critical of this?

The fact is that we cannot change this flip side and its manifestation shows us something about the Absolute.

Is this to be criticized?

  • Is this to be regretted?
  • Are we discontent with this?
  • Is this below our expectations?
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  • For a limited or relative being it is even extraordinary to have that sense of this cosmological set up or landscape. In general, our appreciation, feelings, acceptance and realization of our position regarding the qualities and aspects of our manifested reality is practically inconsequential.

    However, from these observations or sense, one can start to look for a way out. And for that reason nature makes sure that one does not see into it with any degree of clarity or seriousness.

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