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Albert Camus / Absurdity of Life

One of the great philosophers in modern times.


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  • Nice job. I haven't heard the concept of 'nausea" in what he said. 

    The "Stranger" is particularly well written for allowing the reader to experience the philosophy of existentialism. It is classically studied as part of French high school system curriculum. And this suscitation of nausea goes on from the very first sentence of the book, like scum gradually building upon the ocean shore. "Today mother died ..." stated as meaninglessly as possible! 

    I am not sure about many things that he mentions in his commentary, but he may have a relatively more psychological interpretation, which is more American than French who are very philosophical to existentialism and some nihilists or hedonists.

    The myth of Sisyphus is his other renowned book, to literally write about the meaninglessness of life and the relativity of purpose.

    Jean-Paul Sartre and Baudelaire are equally classic in high school literature, in particular, preparing for the Baccalaureate (high school exit examination). The first being the philosopher and the latter the poet. All depicting the attempts of man to define his condition by his own means.

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