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Rockets / Production of the Absolute?

It may be pondered if a production like The Rockets is an outcome of the Absolute.

In this story of a one-armed woman, some of the rigors of the practice of being a Rocket are demonstrated. As with anything fantastic, discipline is involved in it. When the discipline is seen as an investment, the issue changes. How much discipline does it take? Is it worth it?


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  • By the way, the Sanskrit lila (leela) is usually translated as pastime or play or fun activity.

    Let me add some meanings:

    • adventure
    • production
    • theatre
    • drama

    The question:

    What is not a production (lila-leela) of the Absolute (brahman)?

    From anywhere you start in this production of this cosmos, you should, if you are insightful, find your way to the Absolute. Unless some of this was not sourced in that origin. And if you find anything which was not sourced, you are in a whole lot of trouble.

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