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Ambitions as Life Projectiles

I was in an astral encounter with my deceased father, Jason Ferdinand Thomas, on the night of June 2, 2019. This person already took an embryo and is currently using a baby form of about six months of age. In the astral encounter his subtle body assumed the form which his physical body had when his last body was about forty years of age.

In the astral existence, the subtle body has this aspect to it, this magic ability, where when it is in association with someone from a past life, it may naturally without any effort assume the form it has in the previous life so that it can related exactly the way it did in that previous time with the seniority or dependency from that time in history.

My father discussed his regret for losing a job as a marine pilot in Trinidad in 1966. He said that that circumstance deprived him of the opportunity of becoming the first black man to head the Pilot Association. He did not mention the cause of his being fired which was alcoholism.

In that discussion he had no consciousness of his new body and had no contact with his identity as the son of new parents. He only had access to the mental compartment which was formed in that last body. It was a transfer without reach into his new identity as someone’s infant.

This memory chamber from the past life, even though it is a sealed partitioned in the mind, will have an effect on the current life, in terms of his drives and ambitions for career success in the new life.

The situation of the subtle body, its compartmented segments and their interaction is important in inSelf Yoga™ so that a yogi understands what happens currently, what took place in the past which resulted in the present and what will happen in the future which is a result of the past.

Is any of this important?

That would depend on the nature of the yogi and on what he/she regards as a priority. To some it makes no different if they know or do not know while for others it is a pressing issue to figure the cast of destiny.

The power of the subtle body to assume previous identities from other lives, and to contemplate and even drags others into involvements based on relationships in those past lives, is of interest to anyone who needs to understand the authority and lack of power of the coreSelf.

How can the subtle body act out roles, make contact with others from past lives, without the coreSelf being objectively aware of these associations?

Why is the coreSelf not aware of all movements and operations of its subtle body?

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  • How can the subtle body act out roles, make contact with others from past lives, without the coreSelf being objectively aware of these associations?

    My answer to the above question from the original post:

    Thank you for this most clarification giving lessons, particularly as it pertains to the described "magical abilities" of the subtle body or social self.

    The formatting of the social self has integrated into it memory compartments in layers of considerations, as it relates to order of relevancy regarding the objectives that are to be prioritized in any given lifetime based on the environment.

    Those environments afford the opportunities to the core-self for experiencing them (the environments) through the agency of the various adjuncts which are sensorial and/ or psycho-emotional appendages for perceptual references.

    The ensuing energy manifestations of the existential scenarios do not implicate the coreSelf beyond its bearing of the responsibilities resulting from the experiences of the self, social.

    And, their mechanisms are managed, controlled and executed by Nature, the overarching agency over all such correlating parallel environments, any given core-self can be said to be transitionally partaking into or fully, continually (and temporarily) immersed in.

    The objectivity of the core-self is only relevant for the relatively advanced yogins who actually are at least working on or have some degree of familiarity with subtler adjuncts, beyond the intellect organ.

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