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Video/ The Future of Fighter Jets

When it comes down to counting of monetary value, humanity's largest investment in terms of capital, as well as technological endeavors, remains in self-defense!

The most rudimentary and basal material axis for social preservation is the most pronounced objective. 

Particularly useful sciences and actual self-development almost seem endangered pursuits to a pessimistic observer.

  • Just consider the intelligence to produce one of these aircraft, then try to imagine what sort of intelligence it will take to outflank the common enemy which is kundalini.

    • And, this may be on towards the 7th generation, but actually, it has only been a couple of generations on the human scale (vs. that of these technologies).

      But with the drive fueled by the understanding that there is no other choice but to outdo the enemy, they have maintained a staunch commitment and determination. The fruits of their labor are indeed remarkable!

      Great inspiration when dealing with any enemy. 

      • Shit man, heavy duty.

        • That’s what’s up out there. There is going on the making of a different world.

          By the grace of existence, until now the human psyche can allow for the access of other dimensional realities, and not just as a figment of imagination, but through a venue with clear instructions and unique guidance.

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