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Dimension Transfer

Dimension Transfer

The achievement for a yogi is an afterlife condition which facilitates continued spiritual upgrade. A yogi should not be idealistic but should have a practical plan so that when he/she is deprived of the present physical body, the remaining self energy in the form of a subtle or psychic body, will be in an environment where yoga practice can continue and become accelerated.

It is not a matter of where the yogi wants to go or the state of consciousness he desires to achieve. It is more about what he would attain as a natural consequence of his practice. A yogi should estimate what nature would grant him rather than rely on hopes and dreams based on religious affiliation and promises of a particular sect.

The least is to experience higher states while using the physical form and to achieve these regularly during the life of the physical body, such that he/she becomes so familiar with these, that he/she has a coherent reference in memory of repeatedly going to that higher level during practice.

On May 10, 2019, I did a session of breath infusion with Sir Paul Castagna, a deceased yogi. He comes to do practice on the astral side, as I do so with the physical body. Being fully psychic because of losing his last physical system, he can precisely see what happens in my subtle body as I do the breath infusion practice.

He did every posture I did and mimicked whatever breath infusion I completed. After some time of practice, after about twenty minutes, there was a zonal kundalini release where in the trunk of the subtle body there was a clear water light which had a near neutral bliss aspect. This caused our subtle bodies, to jump to the level of the maharloka higher dimensional location where great yogis abound. Neither of us saw any other yogi but we knew that we were in the realm of Maharloka because of the texture and quality of the bliss energy.


This energy is such that it causes full introspective pratyahar where the sensual energy in the psyche internalizes on itself only and has no interest in pursuing anything outside the psyche. The psyche has no interest in using senses for procuring curiosities and fulfillments in the environment which is outside the subtle body.

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  • Inquiry of Gulshan Kumar (LinkedIn)

    Dear Michael, when you interact with Sir Castagna, what is level of your consciousness - physical form or same angelic form as that of Sir Paul.

    Mi~Beloved’s Response:

    Contact with Paul Castagna may be while using my physical body and also when my subtle body is displaced from my physical body. During the breath infusion sessions, he may visit with his subtle body. This would be while I am aware of both my physical and subtle bodies simultaneously with perceptions of both occurring at the same time, but with more psychic focus through the subtle body, than through the physical one.

    The angelic form of anyone using a physical body exists side by side with the physical body. Such that if the physical body is no longer responsive (is dead), that person is left with that angelic form only and has no other way to communicate. The angelic form is merely the energized dream body. Just as currently a terminally ill physical body is the same body which was healthy before it developed that disease, the subtle body used in dreams is the same body even if it is experienced as a bliss-feelings angelic form.


    Regarding ancestral influence with regard to celibacy:


    True celibacy is impossible for anyone who has ancestral obligations but superficial physical celibacy can be done by the person, with acts of masturbation and with acts of subtle sexual activity.

    When celibacy is done in both the physical and subtle bodies, that is only possible if there are no ancestral obligations or if those are suspended because of the yogi’s absence from realms where the obligations hold.

    Who owns the body?

    The yogi/yogini

    The parent of the body

    The grandparent of the body

    The teacher who educated the body

    If the yogi does not have all ownership of the body, his claim for full celibacy is meaningless because the body will be forced to act against celibacy by ancestors who need embryos or if the yogi forces the issues and does bar those ancestors successfully they will cause his spiritual efforts to fail in some other aspect of the disciplines. The yogi should pay the ancestors for their services rendered to the formation and early growth of his body. What has God or lineage (parampara) have to do with it?

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