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Tendency to live on other people's money than hard work

May 17, 2023

Houston Texas

Now I will write about my tendency to live on other’s money than hard labour

Living on free money is a very easy tendency for one to indulge in. Especially when you live in a poverty stricken country like Guyana and come from a poor family .

I left school at age 14 or 15 and started working on a trawler catching fish . For those who know anything about hard work would know that’s no fooling around. In addition to being very dangerous .

I quickly understood after 1 year that I was not going to continue with that job since I would get sea sick at the beginning of every trip. So I went and got another job at a beer factory making all kinds of beer, soft drinks, rum, etc, etc. although I was still too young to be like the adults. This job went on until I was 18 years of age .

After that I did all kinds of jobs as a full time labor until I had to go live with my mother and other siblings in the interior location of Guyana over 200 miles away from the city. Upper Mazaruni river, A place called Issano, a small mining town. My struggle to make money has been no better since I started working .

Just to keep you going for another few days before it runs out and you have to go find other labor jobs to keep you from starving. This almost unbearable struggle lasted until I was 22 years old, then left to go back to the city where shortly thereafter I joined up with the Iskcon people, and lived with them for over a decade.

Living in a temple is also like doing a labor job except you don’t get paid . I then got married and left the temple to go live as a family man, on the outside, continuing to do labor work as a house holder. Until my marriage ended at age 40 I worked for every penny I got. 

I Then got a job at a printer, where for the first time in my life I was able to do something which fits my skill set. I love designing and art which is what a printing job requires so I stuck with that job until now although I had added a few things like billboards, embroidery.  

So here’s where the free money comes in. While I was doing my thing my Mom and some of my siblings had left for the United States, where they now reside and would send me a few dollars whenever they could. 

So that tendency to live from that free money along with the fact that I’m now here on holiday and have to continue to accept their free gifts along with friends offering to help with my ticket to travel is something I have to stop and protect my psyche against, since such a tendency can be dangerous .  




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