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Stubborniss Of the psyche

May 16 2023 

11:40 am

 Stubbornness of the psyche

Now I will be writing on the stubbornness of the psyche.

Although I’m not qualified to handle such a massive subject, I was asked to write about it anyway.Just like you would ask someone to do something for you, and they may take some time to do it, or worse yet , may not do it at all. And you have to ask again, several times over to do the same thing. 

 Then that's what I experienced when I asked my body, mind, and self to do some of the practice I was taught.My body, mind, and self would be screaming at me to stop and go back to what I had been programmed to do for many, many births.

 And that’s what psyche stubbornness is . By nature the body is reluctant to step out of its comfort zone, into something more uncomfortable . Doing so will require some breaking, just like a thirsty man would have to break a coconut to drink its water. Similarly I have to break the bad habits of the mind, and body to taste the nectar of yoga .

How I begin to break away

    I know all would agree that waking up at 3am to do yoga practice, day after day would be quite a challenge. But focusing on the bigger picture, and keeping begging the mind and body to cooperate, I eventually started to get the mind to do as I ask to  in a small way. And that’s what I recognised as little advancement . 

Now instead of mind wanting the body to keep sleeping in my warm bed. Or worse indulge in some pleasure. I would now look forward to the time to do my practice as often as I can. Now that does not mean my mind doesn't want to go back to its old ways .

And that’s where the constant practice comes in. Over and over. Day after day, to break that old habit . I wish I could say until it becomes a walk in the park, but I'm not there, and therefore cannot say that . I don’t know if there will be such a time but I'm working on it . What I can say, from where I’m at is.

 I must keep going to find out where it’s going to take me. I have seen where this traditional lifestyle has taken me so far. The one I was born into. And the one everyone around me is contending with, which is resulting in disease , like cancer, so much disappointment, and all kinds of suffering. 

 Now I must explore this path. The path I have read about. And the same path all the great saints, yogis and spiritual masters had taken. And for that I have to break all the bad habits of the body, mind, and self. Stop allowing my impure mind to determine my future.

To break out of this cycle of birth after birth, only to start the same traditional lifestyle again.  For that I humble beg the blessings of guru, and the others in the same lineage .So this could be the end of this wretched cycle of birth after birth .


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