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How much I loose by looking at material nature as mother and not teacher

May 17 2023 

Houston Texas


How much I loss by looking at material natural as mother and not a teacher 

When I look at my Mother I see mercy, love, and caring for me . Had I seen my mother as a teacher , then my life may have turned out differently . This is what I did in regards to how I see material nature . In my ignorance I keep taking what she has, without trying to learn her lessons she is teaching .

She teaches. If you give, you will get it back in return. Like If you plant you will reap, if you take care of her she will take care of you. However In my ignorance and lack of understanding of her as a teacher, I failed to grasp her teachings .  There were lessons to be learned from her material nature, and  I keep abusing her, by trying to exploit her resources for my material gains. 

And that's what will come back to me.  That I can say for a fact , since I had experienced it in my life. Although I’m still working on areas to improve my prospective of to see her as teacher .  I keep seeing her as an abandoned resource of everything she has to offer, without taking the time off to see her as a teacher that I can learn from.

Now this means working for everything I need, instead of letting my mind tell me to exploit her, family members and others , resources, for my material gains. I’m grateful for being able to learn that in this life , as that concept had eluded me for many lives .  




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