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How being childish can make you fail on your path

May 19 2023

Houston Texas 

11:35 am.


Being childish only to enjoy, than being an adult and facing life.

Although there will be some benefits by acting childish, other than, as a grown up, and may get others to compromise with you and thus you enjoy the rewards. You will fail yourself to accomplish your path which was given to by prakriti / nature. However those tendencies, although may get you some small time rewards or some big ones.

It will be better to understand how by doing our duties as an adult, and working for what we want to accomplish, will be even more beneficial towards our own respected path. With hard work, focus and determination, the rewards will be even more satisfying. 

This is why I'm writing this article. Only to remind myself to keep focused and determined to make my mind stay steady on the path, and not focus on the tendencies to want the easy way out .For many births this could have been the problem , there must be an end to it. 

By doing my practice and meditation every day has taught me that hard, and determination will put me back where I should be and not become a victim of the easy or childish way, which will only get me some temporary results . 



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