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How addiction to martial arts screwed up my life

May 17 2023

Houston Texas 

How addicted to martial arts caused failure in other areas of my life  

I trained as a Japanese martial artist for over ten years and acquired a 3rd degree black belt.

I started my own martial art school. That lasted for four years before that came crashing down on me just like everything else in my life .

So although I may have had some success in the martial arts area, I have failed miserably in just about all the other areas in my life, too much addiction on one thing and not enough on the other. As I continue to write I'm seeing how off balance my life was. 

Without balance in my life it's very difficult for me to accomplish anything . 

I have tried many things and am still trying. However I am still learning, the one thing I learn is addition, to anything and not balancing off my activities in life has led me to many failures. 

All in the name of wanting to become successful. That led me to a never ending search as life kept closing in on me only to start another chapter in the future. So that’s my story, and it's another casualty of addiction.




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