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Seeing Light & Naad

“Just prior to this, after a series of breathing and application of locks, kundalini spread evenly throughout the body and head. I pressed the eyes while breathing rapidly. This is when I experienced the light. It lasted a couple of seconds, and was so bright that I wanted to move away from it” (Yoga inVision 12, p 125-126).

I read this passage this weekend and I paused and thought, “this is my exact experience”. I am not sure what inspired me to perform this action, but during a session in mid-October of 2020, I felt the need to press the eyes while breathing rapidly after doing the rooster pose. I think I performed three to five rounds of rooster (standing after each) and then a few rounds of pressing the eyes while rapid breathing (standing). I saw the light build up after the third or fourth round of pressing the eyes to rapid breathing and then I released the eyes and saw a blinding light that turned into the image on the cover of inVision 6.


This experience left me in tears as I was grateful that I was making progress. Rooster followed by pressing the eyes has since been my last two postures and it has led to the light during most of my sessions. I find that the more vigorous the practice, the more blinding the light and the longer it stays—hopefully that makes sense. I also find that the light is (1) less intense, (2) stays for a very short period (a second or two), or (3) does not appear if I skip practice, attend soca parties, or engage in other bad social associations.

I would caution one to sidestep any desire to see this light. It evaded me, as Madhva warned, when I looked forward to seeing it. Apparently, the desire to see the light will keep one at a low vibration.

I have come to the point where I don’t care to see the light or have any other psychic experience for that matter. For example, during my meditation session on Sunday, I projected to some dimension where some guy was standing behind some cage like enclosure making weird faces and doing other weird bodily movements. I came back to my body and was annoyed thinking why the hell am I going to those places.

This morning’s meditation was silence and naad (the way I like it), which was later interrupted by the desire to write and share. I find that bad social associations take me away from naad being the primary focus during my meditations and it generally takes several sessions that may span days or weeks to get back to naad being the primary focus. My plan is to “come here in each meditation” and wait—that’s the message I got from Madhva’s Edge of Infinity (inselfyoga.com) post as this is my current edge of infinity. Jai Shri Krishna!

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    • Satyaduta  Thanks for sharing! Good work. Stay vigilant. 

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