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Habits Series-2: Cutting off the Meat Eating tendency ! Vallalar's Help !

September 15-16, 2019 (Sunday & Monday)

Winston-Salem, NC

This is a sequel to Habits Series-1: Several failed attempts in curbing Meat Eating Tendency


In the last post, the environment, fate and personal weakness in resisting meat eating was delineated. 

The time to cut off the chains and bondages of meat eating came.

Gift from a Baby Shower:

On September 14, 2019, Saturday, a good friend of mine invited me for her baby shower. After visiting and having fun for some time, while leaving she handed me the food package. She said this is specially cooked for you. She is also from my hometown in India and an extraordinarily talented cook especially meat. She and her husband packed 2 lbs of Chicken Masala Gravy in a zip lock bag and gave it to me.

I came home being lazy, I just kept it on the table and fell asleep. Meat got spoiled without refrigeration. Next day, I ate some thing light in the morning and saved the meat for later in the day. 

At 4 pm, sat in my patio of my apartment, and put the freshly boiled white rice on my plate and mixed the 2 lb. chicken gravy with the rice and started eating it.


Mechanics of Meat Eating Addiction:

As I ate the meat, these were the following step by step mechanics happened:

  1. Any food is going to taste better when you hungry as hell
    1. Ate lightly in the morning, saving the chicken for the evening

Hijacking of Senses in Meat Eating Addiction:

Slow motion of what was happening inside the head:

  1. Buddhi Hijacked: My psyche is so conditioned that anything that my friend cooks is going to be awesome and that I should not miss it
  2. Visual Sense Hijacked: The color and oil floating with the meat was attractive to the senses
  3. Tongue/ Taste Sense Addiction: Tongue Sense is the prime influencer and culprit to condition the buddhi so badly and hijacked all other sense
  4. Smell Sense: Smell Sense is my friend in this case. Good cooks can smell and find out the taste and also some people have better smell perception, I am one of those.
    1. Sad news! My smell sense clearly signaled me (Atma) not to consume the moment I opened the chicken gravy zip locked bag.
    2. The stench of a rotting meat can be smelled till 30 feet (Wi-Fi distance). Unbearable smell, felt like jumping from patio by the smell
    3. Smell Sense sent signal and begged me (Atma) and buddhi not to consume
  5. Taste Sense: Taste sense, my enemy in this case. 
    1. Taste Sense/ Tongue instructed my buddhi and atma to shut the crap and consume it
    2. Tongue commanded Visual sense/ eye support to over-ride  the smell sense/ nose's feedback to buddhi (intellect organ) of not consuming the rotten meat
  6. Final Battle of Sense: Climax
    1. (Smell Sense) vs ( Taste-Sense + Visual Sense + Buddhi (70%) )
    2. Ultimately, Taste sense won. It's alliance with other sense and grip on Buddhi was unmatchable for the Smell sense to control.

Began eating the rotten meat:

Look a the intensity of my addiction:

  1. After the tongue sense victory in battle, I went on to consume the 2 lbs of rotten meat gravy
  2. Every bite of the meat, the stench was penetrating the body. 
  3. Every cell in the body is struggling to let the food enter the body, stench is going to Brain
    1. Brain says it is dangerous and it can even take my life away or leave me paralyzed for the rest of my life due to this act. 
    2. Guess what! Tongue shuts the brain or ignores every cells and senses crying.
  4. I ate the rotten meat and rice for 1 hour, meat eaters usually take longer time to digest and enjoy a big meal.
  5. That one hour, Tongue enjoyed and body trembled and cried saying "Don't eat it, Don't Eat it", but I went to finish the meal.

Food poisoning:

It took 2 hours for the body to begin the food poisoning effects. I was tossed around.

  1. Vomited gallons and gallons
  2. Nausea
  3. Diarrhea + Vomiting
  4. Very high Muscle and joint pains (that's what will break the will power)
  5. Fever

All usual symptoms of food poisoning kicked in


I nauseated and then realized I was sleeping in toilet itself that night while vomiting. Crawled to bedroom from bathroom and slept on floor in excruciating pain and bloating. Asked Lahiri Baba and Vallalar for help, if I am saved from this misery, I will abandon the meat but I can't promise, I don't have the will power.

At 4 am, I messaged my boss that I am feeling unwell and I wont come to office on Monday.


Astral Energy Transfusion:

Suddenly, I woke up 6 am on Monday morning. Just had 2 hours of sleep on the floor.

All the pain and body symptoms has vanished in the body. 

I went to the bathroom and took a bath and saw the vomit all over and I did not realize that I did it in the first glance. The flash memory has been erased and I have no idea to process happened. 

Heavy energy was removed from my body due to grace of both Vallalar and Lahiri Baba. The astral body was filled with light energy, I was never so happy to go to office. Not a single stench or even thought came about last night ordeal. Everything was erased from flash memory.





September 16, 2019, Monday 5-6 pm:

 Memory Recall:

  1. I came back from worked dressed with all formal attire and went to patio of my apartment and sat in the same place when i consumed rotten meat. 
  2. I was sitting in the chair and looking at the trees and wondering what even happened last night. I could not bring anything from my memory. Looked like someone erased or relocated the files in my memory hard disk in my head.
  3. After few minutes, slowly the events of food poisoning transpired and the insight of how senses conspired and hijacked buddhi came to my attention. 

True Realization and Acceptance blossomed from Heart

Now, the threshold to leave the meat forever has reached till then some secret or even open love affair with the meat was going on in background. 

The realization was how dangerous if my senses acted in contrary to my safety and I was realzing what would happen if it was  in other scenarios like while driving a car or handling sharp objects. In fact, whole life is going in free fall due to running of senses.

How deeply I got stuck into this quagmire of sense gratification with meat eating! This came from bottom of my heart like flower blossoming from my heart. When this type of flower blossoms from heart, even the deepest of deepest bondages can be cut.

I said these lines in that patio:

"I am ready to let go meat eating!

But my tongue can’t give up!

If there is a help, I am willing to let go forever!"

Vallalar's Appearance and Astral Act

Then Vallalar appeared astrally in 1-2 feet distance from me and said only one word "Aam" (a Tamil word) which means Yes or Amen (so be it). Animations and pictures are added below.

And then he performed an astral act on my tongue, took an astral blade and did an astral cut in the bottom of my tongue. (precisely at sublingual caruncle, see picture). Ever since then meat eating has stopped, he cut the bondage or energy which was linked to the meat eating.






Aftermath of Vallalar's Appearance:

The insight to drop the meat eating was so intense instantly, he drove to me throw all the meats from my fridge. Now, I went to fridge and I had 40 dollars worth of tilapia fish (several pounds) and lot of frozen chicken. Took everything in a trash bag and threw in the garbage can outside the apartment.

There was a temptation just before throwing the meat to garbage:

  1. Psyche and ancestral entities in my bodies played a trick:
    1. "Since, you have the energy now to resist, why don't you finish this meat, you don't want to waste the food and money like this. After finishing this meat, you can start your vow of abandoning meat." Classic example of Devil preaching the Bible
    2. My atma went into a freeze for a second and countered it with; if I do this, it is equivalent of spitting on my gurus, then I spitted back at these entities and psyche's proposal and threw it garbage.

Ever since then, the meat eating was abandoned.

Later on, my roommate cooked meat in my house. I went near him and did an experiment, I wanted to check how true my tongue has changed.

Usually, when I smell meat, my salivary glands secrete lot of saliva. But now the glands were dry, the smell was going thru my nose and tongue reacted as if it would react to a grass. No drop of saliva came from my tongue.

Psyche gave no reaction to meat anymore, ancestral entities want meat but they can't pull me in to the quagmire anymore. 

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