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Higher Consciousness Series-2: Plane of Endless space with no-time perception

February, 2019

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

This is a sequel to: 

Higher Consciousness Series-1: Cosmic Consciousness


Some Background and Restless Energy: 

This was an interesting day. Me and my office friend planned to go to Grandfather Mountain which is pleasant small mountain hike near our house, like 1.5 hours drive.


As usual, we forget our plans and slept off on Saturday morning. I waited, waited for him and then at 10 am, I decided the idiot is not going to turn up, let's do the practice.

That time, my practice was decently strong enough, I was not bunking so badly. There was lot of restless energy because the expectation to hike the mountain was built up enough and I entered the practice with this energy. 

Even though, the first method I learned in this life was Madhva's Breath infusion from a YouTube video in 2017, after a year, the destiny took me to different path and learnt practices of SRF (Yogananda's Self Realization Fellowship) due to association with SRF people. 

SRF Practices were mainly based on mild asanas or energization techniques and Alternate nostril breathing (Hong-Sau method). After 1-2 years of practice, they will give the First Kriya technique. That's the drill.

Actually, I was happily hitting good higher consciousness with Hong-Sau method. 

Since, I had Cosmic Consciousness experience, I will link the Hong-Sau to the cosmic consciousness experience from my memory chamber, do it like transcendental mediation. I did it by instinct. So, I used to have good high level mediation sessions back in those days and come back to same old habits.

It is a Pre-Kriya, but this itself was strong enough for me, but others say they feel nothing like I did because I was link with higher force.

But when Prakriti (Subtle & gross nature) hits you with Tsunami like wave, alternate nostril or Hong Sau methods won't stand a chance, breath infusion is the only method that can withstand the high waves of nature. Eventually, I switched to Breath infusion when prakriti was tossing me in a pan. 

This is the Hong-Sau Method of SRF:

After inhaling and exhaling completely, as the next breath comes in, mentally say Hong (rhymes with song). Then, as you exhale, mentally say Sau (rhymes with saw). Hong-Sau means “I am He” or “I am Spirit”. Make no attempt to control your breathing, just let its flow be completely natural. Try to feel that your breath itself is silently making the sounds of Hong and Sau. Initially try to feel the breath at the point where it enters the nostrils.

Gradually as you become more calm, try to feel the breath higher and higher in the nose. Be sure that your gaze is kept steady at the point between the eyebrows throughout your practice. Don’t allow your eyes to follow the movement of the breath. If you find that your mind has wandered, simply bring it back to an awareness of the breath and the mantra. Practice this technique as long as you feel to.


Babaji Appearance:

After doing the Hong-Sau for 30-40 mins, when I began to meditate Sri Guru or Mahavatar Babaji (as Yogananda Paramahamsa mentions in his book) appears at 10-20 feet distance.

He was in a higher dimension clearly. He infused certain energy in subtle body. It was white-green/blue color energy with overwhelming bliss energy, and it was hard to speak with that body. Sensual withdrawal is not a question, because in that dimensions, it was very difficult to handle the bliss energy in every cell of the body and no other thought rises.

Babaji said this:

  • Babaji: What do you want?
    • Me: Nothing!
  • Babaji: What do you want?
    • Me: Nothing! Nothing!!
  • Babaji: What more do you want?
    • Me: Nothing! That's it!! Nothing more is needed any more!!! Let me be like this! 

With the bliss energy, there is nothing else in the mind to ask.

Features of this experience in that dimension:

  1. This state is a personal reality, my personality was there all the time 
    1. Started with a subtle form, but not sure if I lost the subtle form in between and came back to subtle form
  2. There was an objective awareness and very high bliss aspect!
  3. It was a vast space, with no boundaries. I could not find my apartment and apartment complex or city (cubes shown in diagram)
    1. All low dimensions were slowly disappeared step by step.
    2. My astral room vanished, apartment vanished, the city vanished
    3. It was in some other high level, Babaji took me there and asked these above mentioned 3 questions
  4. After Babaji left, the space objectivity was lost, no space is far way from my reach.
    1. Who is who!  where is where ! All space was within my reach
    2. Objectively aware, but not sure if my subtle form was there or not!
  5. In that dimension, personalities can come and go
    1. they can decide if the want to reveal their presence to the other person
  6. The time dimension was lost, no idea of what time or death is!
  7. Blank mental state, no thoughts, only overwhelming bliss
  8. Felt like 20 minutes of earth time in that dimension, but actually I was 4 hours (10 am - 2 pm) in the state.

Then, I came back and returned to normal life. Experience helped me to move forward more with my practice. At that time, I had no contact with physical bodied gurus. 


Here are the animation and pictures with description: 



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