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Sound of silence

May 15th 2023 

6:05 pm 


Now I was asked to write on silence . 

It has been three days since I hadn't spoken except for emergency reasons , and it would only be a few words .

Everything else we want to say to each other we would write on a paper and show it to each other. Now silence is another experience I hadn't had in this life .One would think ,well if you are in silence then what's there to write? Well that's not so . When you stop speaking for a long time then you observe how the mind becomes very impulsive and want to tell you that you are being unnatural and want to find other things to do . So since we started speaking as a child up until our present age we hardly stop talking except when we sleep . All those who had dreams would know it happened when we are in a state of silence . Should one speak in their sleep , then that would be because we are relating to what’s happening in the dream . And that’s another form of  speaking . Now total silence is when you silence the mind from thoughts . The mind was programmed by yourself to indulge in what the senses tell it to do . If we don't find a way to stop the mind from constantly indulging in what the scenes want it to do , then it’s impossible for one to realize it's through mental potential . So this is what I wanted to experience , total silence , where the mind stops jumping from thought to thought . No one said that was gonna be something easy to do , but that’s what the yogis try to accomplish . And that’s what I'm practicing with the time I was given here in Houston. The more I try to silence the mind , the more it finds all kinds of various things it wants to do . So I'm continuing to practice silence . Every once in a while when there is external and internal silence I would suddenly get this awareness of pure pleasure where there are no thoughts, which would only last for seconds . In those few seconds of pure silence I would experience a feeling of creativity and A warm sense of peace .

 Then I would then have to deal with the noise in the mind . My mission now as I only have a few days left here is to remain silent for the duration of my stay here . And keep trying to accomplish this elusive state of pure science . I know that would mean lots of sacrifices . I make lots of sacrifice for  less , so why not use this weird opportunity to practice this .

It may never happen again . How fortunate it is to be given this opportunity, to be blessed by Guru and Krsna to be  placed in a situation like this one. After all, there was everything else but pure silence , and had been given that opportunity , so why not go for it . you have nothing to lose and everything to gain .         

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