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Anatomy study: Abdomen and Thoracic Cavity

Internal Organs in Abdominal Cavity:

How massive the liver is!

The liver is hiding the stomach totally.

How big the right side of the liver is!

How kidneys are hidden behind the small intestine!


Internal Organs in Thoracic Cavity:

Amazing how big the right lung is in comparison to the left lung.

3 Lobes (Right Lung) vs. 2 Lobes (Left Lung)


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    • Cost of donating:

      I learnt this morning, that donating the body for medical research sometimes comes with a cost of transporting the body in this country, i.e. after donating the cadaver of a deceased person the cost of transportation or other miscellaneous operations on cadaver can be charged back to the estate of the deceased individual if no one has paid the bills.

      And when one goes back to claim the will as inheritance, the person may have to clear those bills in order to get the will. This is a fine print that I missed in this country. In third world countries, it is not the case most of the time, but in first  first world countries are very captialistic and some one always have the pay the bills, no free lunches!!

      There are some funding covered by medial schools or hospitals to pay for bodies for medical research or donation but if the limit is exceeded the estate of the deceased should bear the expenses.

      This is fine print I missed!

      Psychic imprint of transplantation:

      Also, transplanting the organs from one person to another will also entangle the emotional bondage and karmic relation between the two individuals. This is psychic activity more than physical imprints.

      Psychic imprint of looking at cadavers:

      And looking at the cadaver videos will leave a psychic imprint in the mind/ subtle body and it is a type of meditation of tamo guna (decaying influence), so it is not advised to do so. And people who are psychically sesnitive will have bad dreams and trauma in the psyche 


      I was looking at the organ locations mainly to see which organs are specifically burning during Agnisara, eg: is it liver or stomach, because they are stacked upon each other and so close by. The anatomy helped me understand the physical counterpart. But apart from it, I don't have much research interests in these cadaver dissection, and overlooked some of the fine print listed above. So, I cleaned up the post and wanted to convey to the readers the fine prints on these topics. 


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