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Chit Akash Access

On April 29, 2023, during a discussion with the subtle presence of Yogeshwaranand, the topic of chit akash access was mentioned. This yogi facilitated many of his disciples’ reach into chit akash. His method was to have a student stare into his eyes. From this Yogesh gained entry into the subtle head of the person. He strengthened and aligned that person’s focus allowing vision into chit akash sky of consciousness.

Since he used a subtle body and I used a subtle one which was interspaced into my physical form, the access did not require my staring into his eyes. Instead, I reached his psyche by projecting attention from my psyche to his. The first try was a failure and so was the second one. On the third try however, there was success with him being transferred to the right of my coreSelf in my psyche. Just then there was a blinding light which entered in a double blast, like the light on a dark night which appears due to a lightning strike.

This did not remain for a long time. Perhaps it was there for nine seconds for the most. It was definite however. Yogeshwaranand said that the difficulty was to have the access remain open for the student. That does not occur unless the student has a tight samyama meditative focus meditation.

Yogeshwaranand confided to me that he did not attain the Krishnaloka place nor did he have a full transfer to chit akash. He said that his original need was to use the inSight visionary eye to peer through his physical and subtle bodies, and that perhaps that objective was not enough to granted access to the deity domains, the devalokas.

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    • Very useful and sobering confiding in the last paragraph.
      I find it very important for InSelf yogins to also have a good idea/ assessment of their roadmap and destinations, as it were.

      This benevolent disclosure from the maha yogi has the great benefit of dispelling whimsical, unsustainable, unfounded mythological mindsets, about the end game/ objective.

      The level of yogic advancement and delicacy of the transcendental technical maneuver speak for themselves!

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